December 2019 Sweeps:
We awarded a sweepstakes cash prize of  $125 to our December
 Past sweeps 

"Thanks for my check from the monthly sweepstakes.  Love the recipes

on your site."

Jean Mathews

via twitter

"I received my sugar refund check today! I am very grateful that you followed up on your promise! Thanks so VERY much!"
- Mindi E., Kentucky, $381 Winner

"Thank you so much for my Sugar Refund check. It'll certainly come in handy." 

-Linda C., North Carolina, $254 Refund Winner.

"I am grateful for the check, but more importantly, for your spreading awareness on the need for Sugar Reform."  -Michael S. via facebook

Sugar Refund

316 F Street NE, Ste 206
Washington, DC 20002

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