Why a sugar refund? The federal government strictly controls the production, marketing, import, and sale of sugar in the US.  This guarantees the Big Sugar industry makes a huge profit. 


The program shuts out small farmers from the sugar market and costs American families extra money every year in higher grocery prices and taxes (just to make Big Sugar richer!).

This program is outdated, unfair, and costs YOU money.


 We want to get the word out to the public that now is the time to take back what's yours.  You can enter to win the Sugar Refund sweepstakes each month and get involved in the fight to get that money back once and for all! 

Online media exposing the sugar program

Infographic: "Real Costs of the US Sugar Program" 

"Sugar's (too?) Sweet Deal" via The Washington Post

Check out this tweet from our #WhyReformMatters series  

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These groups are leading the fight for sugar reform


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